Blood Suckers (NetEnt)

About the game

‘Blood Suckers’ is a popular slot game by the well-known and reputable gaming software provider, NetEnt. It would be impossible to be a slot enthusiast and not have heard of this name. NetEnt is one of the most worlds most successful and innovative gaming operators in the industry. And ‘Blood Suckers’ is without a doubt one of the most popular video slots from NetEnt’s portfolio. This game features cutting-edge graphics, animations and top-quality sound effects. In fact, every slot game released by NetEnt is premium and offers the latest technology and best possible gaming experience.

The theme centres about blood-sucking vampires. This popular fanged creature appears in many horror stories and preys upon humans. This game will feature a journey through the dark woods as you frantically hurry to find the path which will lead you to escape. Your fate will start to appear as doomed as many of your chosen paths will lead to dead ends. You will catch glimpses of the vampires hiding in dark corners or behind trees waiting for the right moment to capture you. So you best be on the lookout and ready to run. Don’t worry, you will be given many weapons to practice vampire-slaying also. Just make sure you see them before they see you.


‘Blood Suckers’ features a classic slot layout of 5 reels and 3 rows, and has 25 paylines. It has an incredible RTP of 98% which is way above average for a slot game, and definitely an inviting figure to all slot players. You can spin the reels and slay some vampires for a minimum bet of $0.25 and a maximum bet of $50. This slot doesn’t offer many features and the gameplay is low volatality. But the theme more than makes up for this! And the features it does include can be very rewarding. You can expect to see Bonus Games, Wilds, Multipliers and an Autoplay option. And the jackpot stands at $7.500 which is a fairly big amount of cash to anyone.

The Wild symbol will appear as a sledgehammer. It can substitute any symbol on the reels (apart from the bonus symbols) and make room for many winning combinations. If you find more than 3 sets of fangs on the same reel as the Wild then you will also activate 3 Bonus Rounds. Once the Bonus Round is triggered, it will take you into a graveyard filled with coffins. You will have to choose which coffins to open. Beware, many have vampires in, so you must be ready to slay. You will have 10 attempts to open coffins. If you empty an empty coffin you can earn a 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 6x Multiplier. At the end of the bonus round, you will add these Multipliers together. And whichever number you get is the amount your prize fund will multiply. So as you can see, you have the opportunity to win some big cash through these features.

Blood Suckers conclusion

‘Blood Suckers’ is an action-filled game so it will definitely keep you entertained. It offers one of the highest RTP’s of all NetEnt slot games. So you will make small or big wins regularly. And who doesn’t love that? If you’re into horror then this slot definitely won’t disappoint. The game design is made to induce terror in the players. It features spine-chilling gameplay with dark, gloomy and unwelcoming backgrounds with either a forest, graveyard or abandoned museum to choose from. The spooky soundtrack will also add to the eerie atmosphere. If you haven’t played this game before, I would definitely recommend but beware of the bloodsucking vampires that are watching you! You can also play in demo mode so you can familiarise yourself with the gameplay and features before playing for real cash.

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