100 Zombies

100 Zombies (Endorphina)

100 Zombies is a horrifying offering that brings you free spins, stacked wilds and general zombie based terror. Brought to you by Endorphina, a software provider that has been supplying the world with online casino games since 2012. You’ll find Endorphina games distributed in online casinos around the world. CasinosJungle lists the best sites hosting Endorphina games. Take a look if you want to find the best site available where you are.  Endorphina’s solid maths models, innovative design and game features have secured them an igaming fan base. Perhaps you’ll be amongst them soon!

So let’s get to the rotten business of rampaging zombies. Like most good zombie stories, this imaginary town of whereversville is a pleasant, quiet place. Ordinary people going about their ordinary business. Walking the dog, mowing the lawn and doing the shopping. Yep, everything is totally ordinary until…. Uh oh!  Some idiot scientists make a massive mistake and unleash 100 zombies on the town!

As you can imagine, suddenly being faced with the peril of 1 zombie trying to feast on your brain is bad enough, but 100 zombies? Seems like overkill.

Game features

Anyway, here we are. 100 zombies make up this thrilling slot game designed to pump up your adrenaline. You’re faced with 5 reels, 4 rows and 100 paylines.

Key game features include stacked wilds and a free spins feature. The scatter symbol takes the form of the bio-hazard symbol, a-typical of all zombie movies and paraphernalia. Hit 3 bio-hazard scatters to trigger the free spins round. You’ll score 10 free spins peppered with stacked wilds for monstrously big wins. It’s possible to trigger re-spins too for some extra zombie bashing.

Look out for wild symbols. The wild symbol is the vault. This symbol substitutes for all other symbols except the bio-hazard scatter.

In terms of the highest paying symbols, the colours go from highest to lowest red, blue, pink, purple, yellow green. Red is a guy with a mohawk and a bazooka. Blue is a mouldy looking zombie with a baseball cap. Pink is a biker chick with hand guns. Purple is a nurse showing a bit of zombie cleavage. Yellow is a sherrif type geezer with a shotgun. And finally green is a cop who’s been turned into a zombie.     

If 100 zombies and the excitement of the reels isn’t enough for you there’s the risk game. This is basically a chance to double up (or entirely lose) your winnings.  In our experience it is best to walk away with your win unless you have had a particularly poor bonus round and want a chance to potentially pick up a few more dollars. If you are incredibly lucky you could increase your win up to 10 times, but it’s never happened to us.


There’s nothing too wild about this game. The RTP is 96% so it’s a pretty standard payout. The design is fun though if you are a day of the dead aficionado or you’re looking for some Halloween spooks. The game design is cool and fun and we picked up some pretty decent wins.

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